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Aug 1, 2008
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Rockaway Beach, NY
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So I just got my 430EX II Speedlite. And I can already see a world of a difference when i take shots with it. I took this a few mins ago and would just like to see if "i'm getting it right" or if im even headed in the right direction.

1. (un)Dead Love

(un)Dead Love by LJCPhotos, on Flickr
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It depends; in what direction do you want to go? What I notice about this image is that the background and exterior petals are well illuminated, but the centre is very dark. How did you position your flash for this shot? My thought is that were I do try this I would have the roses positioned so that they were vertical and bounced my flash off of the ceiling to get a more even lighting.
It says the picture is unavailable...
I think this is it here:


My thoughts are that it seems a little bit soft, I`m not a fan of the desaturated look either. It looks like you bounced the flash off the ceiling - which is okay but it can sometimes not effectively light surfaces that are shadowed from above - you could try next time maybe bouncing the flash off bit of white paper in a more `frontal`position.
I did indeed bounce of the ceiling at 45 degrees. im just now getting into flash photography and im sure i'll need a lot more practice.

Fokker, the one you have is the unedited version. me in my infinite wisdom accidently deleted the one i had on flickr and had to reupload. i thought it was thge same one but apparently it isnt. is there a feature on lightroom where i can see a particular photograph's history as far as editing goes?
Yes, lightroom saves all the history states of a photo`s editing. In the develop module on the left hand tab there is a history section.
yea i just found it fokker. I knew I had seen it before i just couldnt remember. what a lifesaver...the one thats on my flikr is the edited version unlike the one that was on there that you saw fokker... the name!
That pic is still unavailable for me, Fokker...
Ah, that got it.

I think the flowers would be better lit if you had bounced the flash off a wall/reflector behind you.

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