First dslr, any recomendations?


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Jun 14, 2010
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Hey everyone,

I'm 18 on the 7th october and my uncle has given me £600 pound because once we turn 18 he stops giving us birthday presents it's like one final present, anyho i'm going to get my first dslr out of the money. I was thinking about the nikon d3000. Do you guys have any recomendations like one that's really reliable? :D
I have the Canon EOS D550 and I'm very pleased by its performance. It has many of the features from the more expensive 7D and it's easy to use and light to carry around.
I don't know the USA $ equivalent but: I now have a D90 but If I were to buy today I would buy the D3100 (not3000) 2nd I'd get a D-90 3rd the D-5000. They have the Awesome addition of being able to take movies. Better sensors etc.
After that I would require a very cheap deal on any of the other Nikon DSLR's I'm not interested in Canon.
I shoot Nikon, so can't comment on Canon but if you are looking at Nikon (assuming 600 british pounds is still worth about $950 US):

D31000 Kit

Or, save up another few hundred pounds and get the D7000 kit. The D31000 is out now, the D7000 won't be out for another month or so yet. I honestly wouldn't spend the cash on a D-90 with the D7000 right around the corner.
If you can save up for another month or two the D7000 really is looking incredible. If you can't wait that long, go with the D3100.
My Nikon D300, D90 and D40 are all I have ever used. The D7000 sure looks good on paper though. A used D90 would be a good choice in my opinion. I can't speak for any other brands.
You honestly can't go wrong with the 3100 or the 7000... Depends on whether after researching both, you feel that the 7000 is worth the extra $... Both will take amazing photos.... Personally, I'd wait for the 7000.
i have a d3000 and love it plus you''ll have extra cash for a external flash, etc
Do you guys have any recomendations like one that's really reliable? :D
They are all consumer electronics and thus have a finite lifetime.

The D3000 has an estimated shutter life of 50,000 actuations, but at about $550 USD including an 18-55 mm lens a pretty good deal.

The D3100 with an 18-55 mm lens is $700 USD and has a newer image sensor that performs better in low light situations, and has better video features.

The $750 USD, D5000 has a more durable shutter, estimated to last for 100,000 shutter actuations, but having been released almost 1.5 years ago doesn't have the same ISO or video capabilities as the recently released D3100.
I have done all the reaserch by myself and I was to buy d90 but but then from the d7000 is freakn awesome! If you can still wait for a month pls do coz I tell you it will be worth the long wait (I can't even sleep all night and dreaming of SLR but I dont want to regret SO I WILL WAIT)

but if you can't wait (if me buying a SLR today) go to stores and do a hands on test (the best advice I take from here) and try to check on D3100, D5000, D90 or Canon SLR's (D3100 will be my choice and save the money for flash and others).

try to do google'ng :sexywink:

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