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First model shoot


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Jul 31, 2010
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Pensacola/San Salvador
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Today I shot my first model. She has alot of expirence in modeling and was a joy to work with. We are doing several more shoots other the next couple weeks. Please C&C with mercy. I havent done any editing on them. Sorry for the length but these are basicly the best of the batch from today.












Here the photobucket with all the pictures
Courtney pictures by rangeroverman - Photobucket
I stopped by your web hosting page and looked at the images...they appear low-rez and kind of fuzzy...not sure why...this young woman is reaaaaly put together right...she has got that All-American heartland girl thing going on, but these photos do not do her justice. The shot of her in front of the fountain in the brown outfit....it "just misses"...with a little bit different wardrobe selection, these coulda' been pretty good...

The trickiest thing is working in this mid- to early afternoon type sunlight...you need some way to control the light...the stuff you did in the open shade near the sage-green door and stucco wall is a good example of finding decent,easy-to work with lighting on-location.

In full sun, you need to watch out for patches of light on one cheek and the other cheek in shadow; unless you use fill-in lighting, that tends to look kind of chalky and bad. Be glad you have an Olympus--Oly does skin tones quite well. One can use direct sunlight very effectively, especially by filtering it through a 4x4 foot translucent white fabric panel held in place by an assistant or mounted in between two stands OR by using it as a hard,direct light source that will cast a shadow right underneath and slightly off to the side of the nose, almost as if you are working with a beauty dish or parabolic reflector in-studio.
I shot them on large size super fine setting, so I have no idea why they would look fuzzy/low rez. Ive blown several up super large on my desktop and they still didnt get fuzzy.

The urban safari look was the best. The 80's look didn't work. She is a bikini model and wanted to try some different styles. I think she did the safari look good.

The lighting is a ***** I agree. We are going to reshoot some of these in the morning sun so the shadows will be gone. I dont see how my photos dont do her justice? For shooting on the move I thought they were decent other than the shadows.
Yes, the urban safari look was definitely her best look. Definitely!

A reflector could be utilized, sure. Even the sides of large, light-colored buildings...those actually make beautiful fill lighting!
They look out of focus and just soft in general. You need to get/use a flash next time as well as learn some ways to pose the model better as she is beautiful and these could've been better.
she work for UPS?...lemme tell you what brown could do to me :eyebrows:

fill light def needed as derrel stated.

she def has a great look, so i look forward to seeing more posts from you with her.

keep shootin! :D
For the water shot I wanted to slow down the shutter but I am still on a learning curb from the E500 and havent figured it out.

I was using a Olympus FL-50 flash but it didn't make a diference, I think a reflector is going to be the ticket.

I also am going to watch those videos. Hope to pick up something from them.
I like some of the positions you ve place her. Yes, true you need to lit her face more and generally work with the light, although you did think the composition through. Good attempt for the first tome - very good. Well done.:thumbup:http://www.headshotlondon.co.uk

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