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Jul 18, 2007
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Ok, so these are some pics from my first wedding (shot back in May.... took me a little while to work up the nerve to post on here). It was a friend's wedding, and I just tagged along with the pro photographer to get some experience shooting wedding stuff. Let me know what you guys think!








Not bad. Number 3 has huge potential, but the framing bothers me. Something about cutting off the top of her head...
Very nice shots considering your the second photographer; sometimes you get the photos of them looking at the primary photographer. You seemed to luck out and get some nice photos.
AbelR74 - It was handy that I am friends with the bride, it gave me some opportunity to interact with her. She would often do one shot looking at the pro, then one shot looking at me.

Viperjet - Thanks! Yeah, I really love #4, I think it captured a nice slice of her personality.

Thanks for looking, everybody!

I think they are fantastic. #6 is my favorite, although there appears to be a sign in the background that's a little distracting. With some cloning, it would be superb.
Great job!

The only things I feel I want to mention is that number two, the flower in the lower left hand corner is distracting and in the same photo, you cut off the top of the hair and I just have to say that, its hard work to get the hair up like that and its not done often so you dont want to cut that out ;)

Then number three.. I think I would want to see the top of the head and maybe not such a dramatic angle. If it was me, I wouldn't display a picture that showed up my nose like that.

You did great though and its awesome that you got to tag along and get some practice! I wish I had been able to do that at my sisters wedding, but I was in it.. so I couldn't lol

Hamster - I hadn't even thought about cloning out that sign.... I think I may have to give that a try! Thank you!

AmberA100 - Thanks for the pointers, that's some good advice. I agree, it's too bad I cut off the top of her hair in #2, that is a ton of work to get it looking like that.

As for #3, I'm noticing the consenus is that the framing's not so hot. I totally understand what you're saying.... but there's something about that shot that I like.... I'm just not sure what it is....LOL!

but there's something about that shot that I like.... I'm just not sure what it is....LOL!


Well thats what matters!! :D (Oh and if the bride likes it hehe, cause if the bride doesn't like it, your in trouble!! :lmao:)

Very true, Amber. I think the bride liked it (although it wasn't her fave - lol).

To all who have commented, thank you. I've looked at #3 a little more critically over the last few days, and I definetly see what you're saying. It is an odd angle, makes her chin look funny and big (which it most assuredly is NOT).

So thank you, your comments have really helped me see it a little more objectively.


P.S. Do the wedding photogs ever wander down here to the general gallery? I was hoping a couple of them would weigh in too....
Post them in the weddings sub-forum, whos to know whether you got paid for them or not since that is the ridiculous qualification required to ask anything there.
Did you have flash ?
1, seem a little dark/flat, if only there was the light there, that there is in 4.
Skin tones in 2 & 3 differ quite a bit.
Flash for both the above.
The B/W ones are nice, doesn't matter about detail in the blacks, its all about the candid subject/pose, you ought to slap the groom for turning up to a wedding with Desperate Dans chin.....tut..
they are good ! ,
very good even i would say .
the first picture is awesome !!
Good eye, Joxby. All I had at the time was my little pop up flash (which was NO use at all since I was using a 70-300mm lens). I didn't acquire a "real" flash until the second wedding attempt (which I'll have to post soon).


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