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Mar 25, 2010
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San Antonio, Texas
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Does anyone know where I can get this done? I'm not even sure it's foam backed. I have seen these at different places. They are usually
8"x10" size or a bit larger and about 1/4" thick. The print is either printed or mounted on this material. I'm interested in getting a couple for
My home. Thanks
Check out AdoramaPix, they are pretty inexpensive for mounted prints.
Foam Core is just one type of print mount, and is about 3/16 thick. Foam Core is meant for framing. The print and Foam Core usually do not match perfectly in size. Also, the Foam Core can warp if not framed.

Foam Core mount deteriorates over time, and since the print is glued to the Foam Core the print can't be removed from the mount so the mount can be replaced.

Gatorfoam is thicker than Foam Core and is not meant for framing. Gatorboard can be up to 1.5 inches thick and is what is used to make Standouts.

Most of the many online consumer print labs will have Foam Core and Gatorboard mounting available.
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