Freedom Tower from Downtown Brooklyn

i like the contrast of the brick buildings against the bluish sky scrapers :)
Excellent shot.

I'm finding it quite unsettling. I have a photograph from a collection of amateur coverage of 9/11. There is a shot in the book taken from a very similar angle to this, in that photo the second tower had just been hit.
Wow, 9/11 is surely not forgotten. I'm taking progress shots of the freedom tower/ground zero so when it's all said and done I can have a collection of images to share with my children and everyone else. I'm privileged to watch the rebuilding of these buildings and drive by them on a regular basis,
very cool! love the photo great city-scape!
Super cityscape. Love the view from Brooklyn's old brick buildings compared to Manhattan's modern skyscrapers.
Excellent perspective, I too enjoy the contrast from Brooklyn to Manhattan cityscapes.

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