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Aug 3, 2013
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New York City
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boots by t.hayat, on Flickr

I visited my girlfriend upstate this weekend, and decided to take long my Pentax K1000. I've been trying to get into film photography lately, so any and all feedback is more than welcome
Many amputated limbs, including the shoes that are part of the title of the image. Too much unnecessary area on the top of the image, some on the left as well. Overexposed and the colors are wonky. Random weird half-man in the background. Keep at it, but I'd say this needs some work.
I think too it would have worked better with the entire shoe in the picture, might have been better to frame the photo lower with less sky. Especially in this light it looks like you didn't quite get a proper exposure.

If you're out taking photos where there are other people who might wander into your background it helps to notice if someone might be heading your way - I've done events and it probably takes practice but I often wait another second or so til the person moves on then release the shutter. (Although sometimes they zip across faster than I see them; I got so I'd often shoot with both eyes open and just close one enough to focus.)

If you take sometimes just a step or a few steps you can change your vantage point enough to get a different perspective of the subject or scene and change the angle - if you can't move the subject, move yourself til you get things in the viewfinder the way you want them.

Nice camera, hope you enjoy it.
I agree with the above.The shoe is almost non existent,way to much sky and she looks like she is posing rather then tying her shoe.Besides the color is funky and the dude in the frame is distracting.
Watch the amount of "top space" on both horizontal and vertical compositions. Deliberately scan the entire frame, especially the areas that are "around the outside of" your ostensible subjects. When the background is simple, and clear, and free of Sasquatch-walking dudes, then shoot! But when the photo-bombers are in the background area, DON'T shoot. Keep at it. Keep shooting.

The tendency is to focus in on "just" the person you're photographing, and to allow unwanted stuff to creep into the frame area. Making a very deliberate, focused effort on scanning the entire area AROUND the main subject will cure this issue fairly quickly, like maybe six months.
It's so easy to get caught up on the subject that you fail to notice whats going on around the subject. ( We ALL have done it!) This is good! you learned some tips here. I would like to add one more. Remember this. Talking about the background. If It doesn't add to the image it distracts the image.
This is also true^^ Especially if you dont have a 100 percent view coverage but also not cropping to tight with lens leaves room to work in post.

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