Gone Fishin' 14


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Oct 18, 2011
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Glasgow, Scotland
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It's been a wee while since I posted one of these, but today was a real red letter day. With heavy mist in the morning, but clear skies and stunning golden December light all day a mate and I embarked on a bit of an epic 9hr session. The views were stunning all day with mist rolling in and out of the glen, but moonrise came with a thick opressive fog that reduced visibility to around 10 yards. Thankfully, the fishing was as good as the scenery, and I finished the day with a 42lb 14oz bag of 15 spurdog and a whiting. My mate did even better, and ended up with a 69lb bag, which made the long, steep walk back to the car totally worth it. In case anyone was wondering, all fish were safely returned alive to the water. No way was I carrying anything extra back up the hill!

Gone Fishin' 14 by wee_pete, on Flickr

See? Captures with the camera are way lighter than with the rod! :p
A seriously good take, Pete!
Thanks mate, in this case it definately was!

I'm a pretty keen angler, so on these trips I don't take a dedicated camera, but rely on my phone to take some shots 😉. Space and weight is a premium with places that require a hike to get to, and sea angling is a messy buisness! Thankfully the tech has really improved now and that makes phones a lightweight, perfectly useable to capture some good memories!
Great photo. Looks like my kind of place and day.
Speaking of which, we've "mist" ya around here... that's a very poignant shot! It captures the moment well.
Thanks mate, work and life unfortunatley sometimes takes over and I've not had the time or opportuntity to devote to as much as I'd like to photograpy recently. Lockdown hasn't helped me either, as it's taking me a good while to settle back in to the activities I used to do, and be as busy as I used to be. I've also spent a significant amount of the little time improving my own website.

If only you could have been there, and seen the landscape for yourself!

As it was, I'm sure my mate thought I'd taken a pill or something, as I was chewing his ear off about how good the scenery and light was, pretty much all day.

I fairly often experience great weather and really beautiful scenes. Indeed, it's one of the reasons I rediscovered photography in the first place. Often, it's fleeting and it's rare to get a day that's superb from start to finish. This one would have been worth the walk to take some shots alone. But because I was fishing, I stayed through the pea soup stage, and got this wee, partially clear spell.

I simply can't put into words, or images, just what it was like to experience. The beauty of the landscape, the blue sky and yellow green hills turning golden red on sunset in the mountains, the oppressive darkness, the mystical fog, and the full moon, with reflections galore. It was positivley magical.

With the fishing being that good as well, it really put a cherry on the top, and I'm lucky and privileged to have experienced it, even more so with a great fishing buddy if mine, who is through an through a nice guy.
Nice moody image Pete :)

Nice moody image Pete :)

Thanks Les, it was a belter of a day. I'm sure you'll have had your fare share of similar experiences! It's great when an activity puts you in a place and the world shows you how stunningly beautiful it can be. 😁

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