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Jan 8, 2006
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Hey all,

Im looking into getting a light meter for christmas, and i was wondering if anyone could suggest one with reliable and accurate ambient light metering? My budget is around £150 i think (could be a bit more). Im generally more interested in the ambient side of things because i dont tend to work in a studio that much.

Any advice on makes to look into and places to buy would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

well the Polaris costs about £139 from memory BUT BUT The stunning Minolta range are about to hit the streets again under the Kenko brand!!!!

info here

all good UK shops can order them
There is a similar recent thread here: link.

The Kenko Minolta reincarnations have already appeared here. The KFM-1100 is only $230 (ie £115) from B&H. (=Minolta Auto Meter V F)

The KFM-2100 is the Minolta Flash Meter VI, and the 3100 is the ColorMeter III F.

The Sekonic L-308s is very capable, and Calumet sell it for £130. (Available for $190 in the US). The KFM-1100 is a more versatile meter, however.

With your budget I would consider a second-hand Sekonic L-558 or an L-508 because of the spot and incident capability.

Another vote for minolta.
is the sekonic L358 best for outdoor photography? i'm looking to get a light meter but don't do much studio/indoor photography.
I have the Sekonic L-308s and I like it. Simple with Flash meter (I use mine a lot).

Not sure if you meant reflective or incident but a wonderfully compact, shoe mount reflective meter is the voigtlander VC II. I've borrowed it a few times for use on older non-metering cameras (it sits perpetually on my tobuy list.. ). Works great a lot of function and well thought out design into such a small unit. I really like the shutter/aperture dials which make for easy reading at a glance.
L358 gets my vote too, its my next purchase in this hobby. It does a lot and has a built-in Pocket Wizard trigger as well.

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