Grand Haven, MI Sunset CC Please


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Nov 20, 2008
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Just starting out and having a blast, please let me know what you think.

i reallly really really love both shots.

i was thinking "just another sunset picture" but once i opened this thread i was really suprised.

great job!
I am with Jordan the first shot doesnt do much for me but that second shot is very nice.
First one is ok... I wonder if you color balanced the orange out of it or something? The object may be a bit too centered, as well. There's that line that leads to the object. I bet if you tossed the object off-center and angled that visual line was at an angle, that would be really neat... anyway...

The second one is AMAZING. Fantastic colors, moods, textures... so much good stuff. I might crop it a bit differently here and there as just a matter of taste, but it's an absolutely stunning shot that I would instantly print and hang on the wall. REALLY nice shot.
Thank you all for the great comments, I purchased my camera at Christmas time (Nikon D-60) but very quickly found that this was going to be something that I love. Saturday I picked up a new D90 and a Tamron 17-50mm 2.8 Lens and I am having a blast.
#2 is really good! I love the colors.

One doesn't seem like anything special though.
I agree #1 is ok but #2 is of the hook I want to throw a frame around that one.....
Like #2 also.
Dig the shadows of the birds.
when i opened this i was hoping big red was in it!

Great stuff!

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