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Aug 2, 2005
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California, USA
Fun couple to work with, super cute also. I'll be doing their wedding in July.

These are 4 of my favorite shots from the engagement shoot. Any comments welcome, and they're ok to edit. :)

And yes, they're BW conversions. ;)




Very nice...though the pose in the second one seems very...odd to me. I can't make myself focus on her, for one...my eyes keep going back to the back of his head.
Ok, here's my honest opinions and I hope you don't think I'm being too harsh.
#1 - I think that this one is fantastic, great natural relaxed pose and good looking b&w tones

#2 - Not ever a good idea to shoot the back of someone's head like this. It's just not eye pleasing, and I'm sure the man will not feel so great about it either. Keep in mind that you're trying to capture someone's BEST features!

#3 - Another very cute and natural pose

#4 - This one is maybe the worst out of all of them, and this is why...
The way that this photo is set up does not portray a happy couple. Whenever you have a shot where one of the people is in the back and out of focus it gives the photo a feeling that the couple is disconnected from one another, and that's not the feeling you want to portray in an engagement photo. I would def. rethink this one!

I do have to say, however, that all of your b&w tones look great to me, none of them appear too dark. I hope I didn't hurt your feelings, but this forum is for getting honest feedback and that's exactly what I gave. Thanks for posting!!
Thanks for your comments guys, they're appreciated!

I've gotten a lot of mixed reviews on #2, I seem to be one of the only people that likes it. :lol: It wasn't a pose, he was just picking her up to set her on a ledge for a pose and I thought it was cute, so snappy snappy. :) I see the point about the back of the head being distracting though. However, I think a lot of my attraction is her expression. It was one of the only times she actually smiled and didn't just show her teeth.

In regards to the comments made about #4: I saw the technique done in some old wedding photos. Apparently it's common in British wedding photography (or was ;)) to have one spouse, slightly behind the other. As if they're hiding. I expanded on this a bit and used the depth of field blur as a way to try and convey a sense of someone always being behind you. They've got your back. Safety, security, and they're always on your mind. You can't have A, without B, etc. But then again, maybe it didn't work so well. :D

Again, I appreciate the feedback. Also, any more would be great. :)
I actually love #4 the most. I have seen photos done like this as well and I am always drawn to them. My favorite is one done with the DOF like that, the man standing/leaning against a colomn with his hands in his pockets of his tux and one leg crossed over in front of the other and he is bokehed in the background admiring his (in focus) bride as she is standing looking down at her bouquet.
I think all of your photos are excellent quality, very sharp and the tones are right on, except the last one is just a little bit flat. Other than that, I think you did wonderful justice to this beautiful couple.
I don't mind the pose so much in #4...I love playing with DOF stuff. I don't know that I would have put him quite so far out in the DOF, but that's okay. It's her expression in #4...that 'smile' goes nowhere near her eyes. It looks almost like a grimace.

#2...first thing I thought was Hey that looks kind of like a porno...he's about to do things below the camera frame.:blushing: :er:

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