Hello there - Greetings From Brighton U.K.


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Jan 28, 2012
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United Kingdom
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Hello there - I'm so glad to be part of this great site. I'm new to photography, but with your help I would like to develop my skills in this rewarding medium

Here are a few I've taken so far on my Canon 550D - edited in Photoshop Cs4

5C by dpjon1, on Flickr

Pier Light2A by dpjon1, on Flickr

5A by dpjon1, on Flickr

3A by dpjon1, on Flickr
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Welcome Jon!

I don't see any pix, maybe because I'm viewing from my iPhone.
Many thanks for the instructions - Uploaded at last
Welcome to TPF Jon ;)
Hi Jon. Your photos look very good - I especially like the first two: The cool blue tones really work on the first one and I really like the sun rays in that stormy sky. Photo 3 is a fun shot. Not sure about last image. Are you allowed to photograph inside Brighton Pavillion?

Welcome to TPF :thumbup:
Many thanks for the kind feedback. I'm sure that Photographing inside the Pavillion is allowed - I should imagine that it's like all other tourist attractions with flash prohibited etc. etc. - I shall look into it for you, I know several people that work there

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