help me find a style for these...

I would suggest not cutting part your freind's head off! Nice shot of the little girls face, but basically the shot is toast. Don't frame so tight.
I took some from farther away too. I liked this one as more of a photo of her... think of him as a prop.

If you have some processing tips, that's really what I'm looking for... the photos have been shot... not much I can do to change them now.
They look soft.. even on your Flickr large version... I would try to sharpen them up if you can.. and add a little more contrast.
Looks like the original is gone... the new one looks underexposed, at least their faces, and seems to have a magenta cast to it. I would bring down the exposure on his shirt so it's not brighter than their faces.
The skin tones in all of these have a weird, pinkish-/magenta-ish look to that deliberate? The highlights also have this as well; like on the man's shirt, as well as in the top photo--the concrete path has a pinkish hue to it.
on my 1d, highlights tend toward a magenta/pink cast. Still working on controlling that.

The guy was wearing a pink shirt, which definitely adds to the problem.

Any tips? On these, I've already desaturated the magental and purple channels, as well as spot repaired the sky and stuff.
Is this magenta your doing intentionally? Processing?

Can you see it on your monitor?
no it's not my doing. I desaturated the magenta in these photos to try to make it go away. on my monitor it looks very slight.
Then I hope the standard question doesnt offend you - remember I have no idea of your overall experience so I'll ask "have you checked your white balance setting on the camera"? How about the picture camera that is

These look as if you gave them a wash treatment in post processing or a gray and (or) magenta layer with a lightened opacity. While the histogram people may download your images and check, these images seem to also lack depth in some of the tones.

In #3 with her sitting, this is most evident in her knee area where the magenta (or whatever it is) is most prevalent
I'm now on another computer, my new iMac, and the magenta cast is still there. The thing with color casts, and color in general, is that after only a short while, our mind and eyes adapt to the files we're working on; it might appear "slight", but it is objectionable. Like Joey was saying above, these image appear to lack some depth; were these over-exposed images which had highlight recovery done on them? THAT step can cause weird highlight tones. There are so,so many things that can affect digital images--white balance, exposure, RAW software conversion method and steps,and so on. It seems like there is no real, SOLID, deep, true black in any of these photos, so that makes me think of overexposure, OR some kind of weird tone curve applied to the images.

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