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HELP! NEED P+S Advice! Recommendations -$200


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Oct 20, 2008
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Daytona Beach, FL
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Hello and thanks for reading! I am somewhat new to this website and have posted only a few times, I believe. I am having a huge camera dilemma and don't know quite what to do! I've gone through about 10 camera over the last year including 3 SLR's (needed one for a wedding and ended up using the last one I'd purchased) but recently decided that it was too aggravating trying to get a close enough close-up shot with the Leica D-Lux 3 I was using and didn't need $300-something invested in the camera so I decided to get rid of the D3 and go back to the Canon SD750 again after having about 5 of them last year.

I got the SD750 a few days ago and, needless to say, HATE IT! The close-ups are great as usual but it's REALLY lacking the sharpness in the other situations (portraits, scenic shots, etc.) AND the red-eye flash on the SD750 is horrible and gives my doggies either yellow, white or blue eye reflections which I NEVER had an issue with on the D-Lux 3.

Here's a sample from the SD750:

& similar setting from the Leica D-Lux 3 with flash:

ARGH! I'm just dying without a good camera - especially since the puppy's growing and the photos I'm taking of her are crappy!

What I'm getting at is this: Does anyone have any recommendations for digital camera models for around $200 or less that take great photos in macro & standard (portrait/scenic) settings? Macros must be good as I sell musical instruments on eBay and need sharp photos of manufacturer's stamps, etc. It'd be a plus if anyone offering recommendations could provide a few sample photos to back up their suggestions! Thanks a bunch!! -Suzie
should of kept the leica d-lux 3 as it is a much more superior than the canon one
Yes, I realize this now lol! Luckily I still have the Leica until tomorrow which is when I'll be shipping it off to the *sniffle* new owner! I'm thinking of trying out the Panasonic version of the D-Lux's either the DMC-LX1 (D-Lux 2) or DMC-LX 2 (D-Lux 3). I checked flickr for photos taken with both Panasonic models and they seem to be VERY similar in quality & sharpness vs. Leica D-Lux 3. My minimum requirement is 5mp so I figure either Panasonic model I can get for the cheapest price would be best (I was looking for a D-Lux 2 when I found this D-Lux 3 and snatched it for $300 when I got it months ago). Anyone have any experiene with either of these 2 Panasonic models? They're supposed to be the same as the D-Lux's basically... Thanks!

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