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Feb 5, 2013
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Charleston, SC
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I was out trying my new lens, and my fiance was my guinea pig as per usual. These are just a few of her faces she usually makes when she's trying to "mess up" my shoot. Little does she know these are my favorite faces :lol:

IMG_6364.jpg by tsmcdona, on Flickr

IMG_6367.jpg by tsmcdona, on Flickr

IMG_6368.jpg by tsmcdona, on Flickr
She is adorable. But is it just me or is the WB a smidge on the yellow side?
These are not "candids" as you wrote in the title.
Always good to have some personality in your photos.

And yes, I'm also seeing that the WB is a bit off.
Agree with the others... cute but not candids and wb needs tweaking.
Some of these don't have the degree of sharpness I'd expect from that lens. How was your focus system set up?
Yes I do see the "yellowish-ness" now that I'm looking at it on my phone. I think that may be more of a saturation issue than a WB one, but ill check both when I get home.

I'm sorry, I guess my definition is lacking. I thought candids were just informal portraits. Thanks for the correction.

Tyler- I was shooting it open at f/1.8 so it may not be as sharp as it would be at f/2.5 or so. I just wanted to specifically see the 1.8 results.
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