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Oct 31, 2007
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Cedar Hill, Texas
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Other than photography, what hobbies do you guys enjoy?

I commented to my wife today that she needs a hobby... She really doesn't have any. I have too many, and she isn't really interested in any of them, lol. She said "reading" was her hobby, and I said that didn't count. :lol:

I recently discovered the awesome hobby of lock picking. I'm still new at it, but I'm getting better every day. Other hobbies are astronomy (I have as many telescope lenses as camera lenses...), and until a while ago - 4 wheeling. I sold my Jeeps, and 4 wheeling would get expensive fast in a Ford Taurus, lol.

So, when you're not taking pictures, what do you do?
I play(ed) WoW before I started having trouble with my eyes, I play Bass (musician), I listen to a lot of music, I like TV/Movies, I used to read a lot... until radiation caused my brain and my eyes to get into a spat... Now I listen to audio books a lot. I like to watch hockey (on TV or live....

meh... there is more but those are the most popular things.

Oh yeah, I've been thinking of taking up model trains... But I really don't have space for it.
This is it... It's not really so much as a hobby as it is an obsession Lol.
This is it... It's not really so much as a hobby as it is an obsession Lol.
What's the difference, lol. When I start a new hobby, I'm completely obsessed by it for a while (how long depends on the hobby).
Used to play the drums, but took up guitar after getting married... Wife just doesn't understand percussion.
Building websites and more recently learning to "really" program for designing smartphone apps
Hiking (What got me interested in photography in the first place)
Ride my motorcycles; shoot pistols; build scale models; read. Which one is at the top of the interest pile varies from time to time.
Used to ride sportbikes, until a car took me out and i broke my back very bad. Picked up photography as a new hobby. I also work on cars, and car audio
In the winter, I spend a lot of time researching the family tree and re-doing my freshwater aquariums. Summer hobbies include horses, camping/canoing/hiking,and scuba diving. Related to the scuba diving, I used to be very involved in nautical archaeology (shipwreck surveys), that was really fun!

Other stuff I do which aren't necessarily considered hobbies - volunteer with a cat rescue organization, and volunteer with our local conservation authority (basically birdwatching).

Oh and I have my Jeep :)
In order of the amount of time I generally get to spend on them:

--Women's Ministry Speaker. I lead our church's women's ministry and also have also started a speaking ministry, leading conferences and retreats.

--Learning music. I was one of those kids who, in about 3rd grade, was steered toward art instead of music, just so the music teachers didn't have to listen to me. 40+ years later, I joined our church choir (long story! But it wasn't because I could sing!)...for the last two years, I've been taking music lessons from our music minister and he has really done wonders...this year, I'm aiming all the way up at mediocre on the singing scale! :lol: But I'm amazed by how much I love it, and how much time I'm willing to spend on it in order to improve.

--Genealogy. This actually started because of my love of photography, when I started scanning, sorting and trying to "catalog" my grandmother's and mother's old family photos, and learn who the people and stories behind the photos were, while there were still family members around who remembered.
I'm planning a trip with my mother and sister this spring sometime to Ada and Hardin, Ohio to learn more about the McElroys who helped settle that area.

--Hiking. I almost never get to go anymore, partly due to time limits and partly due to bad knees. But once in awhile, I just have to get out somewhere.

--Napping. I don't participate in this hobby nearly enough anymore. ;)
I keep saltwater aquariums, reef with fish.

And I play the violin in the orchestra, and sing in two choirs, once is men's the other is advanced mixed.

And I read.
Photography and triathlon are my main hobbies. There's plenty of other things that I'd like to get into, but I've deliberately limited myself to those 2. They're both pretty expensive from both a financial and time investment perspective and I'm afraid adding anything else would take too much time away from my family.

I used to race motocross and I still follow pro MX and SX pretty intensly though, and I usually travel to a few races per year. But my 2 boys (9 and 11) go with me so we make a boys weekend out of it and leave mom home to go shopping :)
Oh boy! where do I begin? I grew up as a bookworm and got into computer technology(which affords me my other interests lol). I joined the Marines, and it opened my eyes to weight lifting, boxing, and Krav Maga(Israeli Jujitsu). Now that I'm a much stronger bookworm, I started to concentrate on photography, ancient - "modern" history, and gaming when time permits. The computer tech in me still indulges new tech(an practical) gadgets, and when the weather breaks I will be going golfing, hiking and hopefully spelunking.
Where to begin...
First off I play hockey at least once a week, but most of the time it's twice, year round. It's my weekly therapy and I just love it. Been playing since I was 5. I also watch my Habs (Montreal Canadiens) religiously, huge fan.

Then depending on the season, I snowboard about 15 or so times a year, used to be much more though. Maxed out at 78 times one season, but that's when I used to be in competitions.
I also play golf, go hiking, mountain biking and I read the occasional book.

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