how do you get business referrals?

Discussion in 'General Shop Talk' started by shmoo597, Jun 8, 2007.

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    hey everyone,

    Firstly, thanks to everyone who posts on this site - tons of great info here, very helpful!

    Secondly, I'm graduating from the academy of art in SF next year and I hope to start a successful photography buisness (mostly weddings portraits, some artistic stuff on the side). I am trying to build up a client base - how do those of you with your own businesses get business referrals? How did you get started? Do you use word of mouth or websites or what? Do you use forums like this one? On another board someone mentioned and some other referral sites. Anyone know anything about it, or if these referral sites actually work?

    Thus far I have joined 1 traffic exchange marketing program, 1 email marketing program, sent letters to all my previous clients, sent letters to all my associates, and still plan on joining, and doing some type of search engine advertising. What have you
    guys done to promote yourselves?



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    Like anything, you have to ask. The happier someone is with you the more you will get.

    If I may break this down and forgive me if this seem cynical. The likelihood of someone recommending you is in direct proportion to how it positively effects their ego. If you have made someone happy and their ego is such that they feel obligated to return the favor (making you happy) to correct a perceived imbalance then by letting them know that a referral is the way to make you happy- then that is what you will likely get. If their ego is such that they don't care about anything beyond themselves then you are out of luck. UNLESS... unless you arrange it so that by referring you they appear more important to the people they wish to impress. This is what's called a win-win ;).

    Mainly, be sure to ask! One more thing since you didn't ask:), have a 30 second speech rehearsed as to why you deserve the recommendation that lead somebody to you. (again remembering it's all about Them!) Getting the referral is one thing, cashing in on it is another. Be ready!


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