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Apr 29, 2010
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Pensacola, FL
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I'm going to head downtown to shoot a local zombie walk. It is from 8pm....
I am hoping to get there a tad early and get some pictures before the crowds.

I am central time and so 8pm is almost dark, 830 is dark.

I have my on camera flash obviously, and also an sb-600.

I was planning on using my 50-200 zoom lens, so I don't have to get super close.
I would take my Zombie Flash...Sunpak 622 Super-Pro,with zoom head...each flash you shoot makes a loud, audible "POP!" sound, and it has the same basic power as many low-cost 400 watt-second monolights...I think it would blind the zombies and keep them away from my camera position. I'd run that flash from the Quantum Turbo battery, for fast recycling, AND the ability to light a piece of toilet paper on fire with three rapid-fire flash bursts, so I could then use the flaming TP to light a Molotov cocktail to keep packs of zombies back, without the need to have a Bic lighter with me...

For you, and your situation, I'd just go with a regular flash, and keep the zombies at bay as best as you can...
I am going to copy and paste your response as my facebook status

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