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Dec 20, 2012
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C&C requested :) Feel free to edit these photos!


PS - all shots were taken with a Nikon D5100 at f/4, 1/1250 shutter speed and 400 ISO. Lens is an older Nikon 70-210 f/4. Had a blue cloth as a backdrop and the camera set up with a remote shutter release. Not sure if that info is helpful :)

1: $Hummers (2 of 6).jpg

2:$Hummers (1 of 6).jpg

3:$Hummers (3 of 6).jpg

4:$Hummers (4 of 6).jpg

5:$Hummers (5 of 6).jpg

6:$Hummers (6 of 6).jpg
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Nice job freezing the action. It's probably about the best you can do with that lens wide open I think.. I'm guessing they are heavy crops? Better than I have done.. I haven't tried yet, I like the big flyers :)
Yes sir, heavily cropped :)

What did you mean by having the lens wide open? Should I have stopped down a little? By the way, your Avatar that won the other month is an absolutely fantastic shot, so I sure appreciate your input :)
The inherent trade off.. Most lenses get sharper stopped down by a stop. But the inherent part is you either have to loose shutter speed or increase ISO. There lies the problem.. you need all the shutter speed you have and with such a heavy crop, increasing the ISO will give you even more noise. I know a lot of people use a multiple strobe set up or hummers, but that is an area I have no experience in.. I think you did great with what you have!
Thanks Brian :)

And thanks Coastal!!! I really appreciate that - I didn't know that about lenses. So, if I'd stopped down to 4.5, things would have been a wee bit sharper? Does that also apply to something like a 1.8 prime?

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