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    Alright, I am trying not to have a mental breakdown right now. :angry1:

    I am trying to edit my Spain photos. I have the color space in photoshop set to Adobe RGB. When I save to jpeg, the colors look desaturated and flat in firefox compared to photoshop. I thought firefox used ICC profiles? I converted the photos to sRGB. They still do not look the same.

    How do I get my photos to look the same in the same in firefox AND photoshop? I want people on the web to see the same rendering as the one I see in photoshop (minus their actual monitor settings).

    This stuff is way over my head at the moment. I would appreciate it if someone could just give me an extremely simple solution. simple, easy, simple. I need to get this done and I am getting extremely frustrated over this. :(

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    Did you "convert" to the sRGB profile or did you "assign" the sRGB profile. What rendering intent did you use for the conversion?

    Firefox 3 Beta 4 supports ICC profiles, firefox 2 does not. And even if you are running the latest beta you need to go into about:config and change the gfx.color_management.enabled boolean to true.

    Simple and easy: Open file in photoshop. Click edit -> convert to profile.
    If your Source Space says: "Profile: sRGB IEC61966-2.1" then you have different problems. If it's still Adobe RGB (1998) then colour management is your issue.

    Select sRGB IEC61966-2.1 as the destination space, select Adobe (ACE) as the Engine, Relative Colorimetric as the Intent, and check both Dither and Black Point Compensation. Click preview to make sure the colours don't change too much (they may change slightly when out of gamut colours are mapped to the sRGB space.

    Click OK and save :)

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