IF Nikon trumps Canon, which deal is better and why?


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Nov 30, 2015
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The difference is the kit lens. One is a 18-105 the other a 18-140. Neither are a professional lens.

The d7000 has been replaced twice with the d7100 and more recent with the d7200 both 24mp. Versus the d7000 16mp sensor.

The d7000 is a good camera, I had one for a few years.
Frankly I would want to get a newer camera, the D7000 still afairly good camera but I personally would rather get the Nikon D5300 with the newer sensor technology over the D7000.
Yes the D7000 has a better body, extra control dial and more but thats my look of it.
As for which lens, I used to own the 18-105mm, excellent lens but the 18-140mm does bring more focal flexibility. Both these leses are basic kit lenses but they are good for their prices.
If you want to stick with the D7xxx body I would highly recommend to consider getting the D7100.
I used to own the D7000 and D7100 and I think the D7100 is well worth the extra money, its an awesome camera with a better sensor and better AF system.
None of those are a good deal because that's the price of what a D7100 should be.

This would be like buying the iphone 4s for almost retail cost.

November is always the season to buy 3-4 generations old cameras. I'm sure you can still buy a D3100 at Best Buy today.
The nice thing about the D7### models over the D5### models is the in body focus motor. This will allow many more options for older auto focusing lenses.
I say that, but I would have never purchased an older lens over a newer lens. I guess the same goes with the D7000....I'd look for the D7100 at least.
The 18-140 is a newer lens than the 18-105, it's supposed to be faster focusing and sharper.
The D5100 pretty much gets you the D7000 without the in-body motor and "pro-body" (same sensor, same AF module, same processor), but the swivel screen instead. and it's MUCH cheaper.

I'd never buy a new D5100 or D7000 anyways, just way too old of cameras to consider buying new. The D7000 was released in 2010 -- five years ago.

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