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May 25, 2003
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nice. I can't wait til I'm there. Unfortunately it won't be for several months.
I guess I can wait though. :?
amatuer my butt.....that's ready for a post card. Don't let your self esteem rob you of your due credit. It's a great shot. It has a very "painted" look to it. What did you shoot it with and is there any post editing on it?
lol thanks metroshane and damien
i do love this pic but it wasnt even done with anything special at all.
i had a point and shoot that day, nothing more. its a good automatic as far as automatics go.
and no there was no editing. the painted look that u talk about is what i always loved about this pic.

im using the excuse that because i now have a real camera i will have to go back to italy and take better shots :lol:

you will have a blast twistmyarm!
great work manda! I think you did great with that picture. like my esteemed colleagues, i think you have a nack for landscapes!!

I love it. It's amazing how it really does look like a painting. I hope to get to Italy someday to take some great shots......What did you all do there?
That photo is of FLorence isn't it? Looks like one of the many many bridges that connect to two parts of the city together. Its an amazing shot, I never saw the water so calm when i was in Florence though.

PS, i did (at great personal risk) get a couple of pics of David while i was there, I will try and unearth them, can't remeber if they were worth posting or not.
this one's been resurrected hehe

yes, tis florence. i dont remember the name, but its taken form the next bridge down from the famous Ponte Vecchio. Of course the subject itself is the next bridge after that. I should find out the name of it.
The was taken in early October, and then bucketed down raining not long after that. I remember there were these umbrella sellers all through the streets and this guy asked me to buy one for 10,000 lira. i said no and then it really started to pour, so another guy came up and asked if i wanted one asking for 15,000. I remember becoming really assertive and said "nope sorry, another guy just said he'd sell it for 5" and i walked away. the guy ran after me
"ok, ok!!! 5000!!!" haha
what a cheeky swindler i was

and on that lil bit of amandatrivia, I need to rescan it, that dot in the sky is buggin me lol

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