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    Hello everyone .. my brother buy for me the iPhoto 09 for my Mac and i loved it .

    it have this geotagging to order the images up to where i took them in the map . it is really lovely feature for the traviler photographer .

    i have Canon 50D but it does not have the GPS build in so i want to buy 3rd party device to do the trick .. please give me your advice of what is the best device that can work with
    - iphoto 2009
    - canon 50d
    - mac laptop

    here is one i saw made by sony
    Sony GPS tracker for photographers: Digital Photography Review

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    theres thing thing... but the problem is, it takes up your hotshoe, so as long as your not using your flash, your ok.. oh, and its $400 us... it says for Nikon, but its just a pc sync with a hotshoe mount.. so it should work with canon too

    xpherion - technology blog ยป Geotagging with Nikon Cameras

    i dont understand how the one that you posted works? does it plug into your camera or something??

    EDIT: i've checked it out more... first i dont think it will work with mac.. second.. its a LOT of work just so you can add your photo to a map... in all honesty, it would be just as easy to add the info yourself in iPhoto
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