Is simple repitition enough to carry an image?

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Apr 27, 2009
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I just think it gets boring to look at after while, with no place for your eyes to rest.

Well, as someone with acrophobia - - I think you captured the "bottomless pit" well. I feel like I'm falling right into this - - so on an emotional level from me it certainly gets a reaction.

From a strictly visual assessment, I would agree that it lacks a focal point of some sort.
I just think it gets boring to look at after while, with no place for your eyes to rest.

Not always. For me this image draws you in and down. The repeating light shapes on the left draw you in and your eyes come to rest in the abyss leaving you with an emotional response as opposed to visual satisfaction.
Does it work because I chose the extreme angle, to try to intensify the feeling Ronaldo got from the image, where shooting level with the floor would sorta fall flat?
^That, and the fact there's a highlight side works to make an interesting image.
What? I cant believe it.. bitter posted a pic on beginners section.
It certainly works on an emotional level. It invokes a certain horrible fear of dropping the camera :p
Yes, the angle makes it work. I've been content looking at the detail on the left side for a few minutes, so for at least that long it hasn't become boring. I did find myself wishing the highlights were a little lighter, but that could possibly be my crappy monitor here at work.
I like the shot, but not the headache I got or the motion sickness feeling that resulted from looking too long at it.
The tilt gave this photo an incredible amount of energy. I agree that it "made" the photo. The same comp level would have been quite dull I think.

I do agree though that this particular comp is more about getting a quick jolt of "eye drama" than something to study. I could see it in a high traffic public hallway, but not in a sitting area.
I don't get the feeling it is going down necessarily, my first thought was it is an - under bridge walkway, but I like the rotated angle

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