Ketchikan Sunset


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Jun 2, 2013
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This was my view from the beach in front of my house the other night. One of the most beautiful sunsets I've seen. The rocks and my friend are way underexposed, but I still really like this shot.
Oh no no. The underexposure (or, NO exposure) of your friend totally works here.
great shot. By far a better shot with the underexposed foreground elements. IMO.

The vapor trail leads my eye to the sunset but then at the same time distracts it because its unnatural.... regardless, an awesome capture.
Very nice, I too love the under exposure of your friend, it makes them noticeable but doesnt take away from the picture itself. It still leaves the sunset as the subject of the photo.
Well I'm glad you guys like it. I was under the assumption the the majority would hate that detail.

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