Kids on Their Way Back from School

It's a treat to see photos of your country and hope to see more. It's too bad you couldn't find an angle that would leave the electric posts and wires out of the image.
Normally I also don't like electric poles, but in this case with the first one tilted and the second one almost on the ground shows that something recently happened there. Then there is the adult standing where the kids are crossing what looks like a partially washed out section of road and then the small boy at the far end looking back on the whole group.
Not sure if a tighter shot would help, just feel the kids are almost lost in the distance.
I kinda like the electric posts in this pic, the area is a little vulnerable to landslides and it's a very faraway part of Pakistan so the development in this area is extremely low because of hard transportation access and the fact that the roads are blocked and the weather is harsh in 7 months of winter.

And about saturation, the blue tones were saturated a little bit. The greenery is all almost real, the place is amazingly beautiful and untouched so that's why it's a little too much for you guys :)

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