A naughty little bunny...
Nov 28, 2011
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I'm going to keep my thoughts to myself on this one but would love to hear yours :)
Thanks for taking a look!

I hate it when you play coy with you thoughts. Naughty rabbit.

I like the tones and the little/big thing going on. Only thing that is bugging me is the dark lower right corner background, and I wish the chewed up leaf was within the DOF, but if it was mine, I'd already be uploading to adoramapix and printing a 16X24 of it. Because I really like it.

I do love the imperfection of the chewed up leaf. I wonder what it would look horizontal.

Those are all of my thoughts in no particular order. ;)
Thanks C!

I'm on board with the damaged leaf being oof :( that was one of the things I kept to myself, it makes the perfectionist in me squirm!

The bottom of the frame feels a bit uncomfortable to me too, perhaps a little more off the bottom.
Interesting; I wonder if the 'big/small' thing might have worked even better had you aligned the two stems?
Love the concept. I am bothered by the crewed leave. If I were proficient in PP and it were mine, it would have done.
Needless to say, but will say any way. Your shot exceed anything I've ever posted. Just wanted to give a POV. later Ed
Very nicely done. The only thing I'd offer up would be to crop some off the top - not the bottom. I'm not sure what the problem is with the chewed leaf; the beauty is in the imperfection. :) If you cropped off along the top enough to completely remove the top background leaf, you get a completely different composition. I've been messing with it just scrolling; for me that's all that's needed.

Great idea and well executed! :thumbup:
Thanks so much everyone!

I quite like how this worked out and will take the suggestions and tweak it a bit.

Terri, I scrolled too and I think you are onto something! Thanks!
Thanks Terri!
That vine has probably already grown at least a foot since you took it, so I don't know about retakes, but... I like the visual echo of the background relative to your subject. From a framing point-of-view, I would have liked to have a bit more OOF background on the right, and a bit less headroom, so that the subject vine would be at the 1/3 mark or so. The imperfect leaf is fine (for me), as is the tonality you chose for this image. John's idea of aligning the stems (and perhaps also adding some space between them), would reinforce the visual flow. But really, these are all nits. You have a very good eye to have seen the visual possibilities.
Paul! Hi! It's nice to see you :)

Thanks for your thoughts, the opportunity is definitely passed on a reshoot but I'm sure there will be other chances to carry the great feedback I got forward as I explore this idea of plants in black and white.

It is proving quite a challenge but I'm actually enjoying shooting the greenery this year!

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