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May 27, 2003
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I am new to this board and want to say hello and see if there is some advice that I can get from anyone out there.

I shoot far less than I would like; but want to do more as I get less busy with school. I shoot a Nikon 6006 that I am very happy with. I currently have a Nikkor 28-80 and a Nikkor 70-210 (4.5-5.6). I have also been very happy with the lenses. I regularly use a Bogen tripod with a 3030 head.

I am looking to expand my range of equipment. I feel like at the time I can afford a new lense and some accessories. I feel like I can either get a new telephoto (something in the 70-300mm range) or a new wide angle lense (in the 17mm-35mm range). Any thoughts on the best way to go? Any thoughts on the best lense in this range. I am not planning on spending a lot on a pro class lense yet.

I also plan to invest in some filters and other accessories. Any suggestions here would also be helpful.

Thanks in advance. I look forward to enjoying this forum and helping out if I can.

If it were me with what you have, I would be content with the 210mm for a while and look in to a wider angle prime or a wide angle zoom in the 20mm range or a zoom in the 20-35 range unless you won't shoot wide angle landscapes or scenics. It really depends on what type of photography you like. If you are going to shoot wildlife, then the 75-300 would be a better choice. It's really a subjective choice on your part. When you like what you have, then use 'em.

It all depends on what you shoot. If you do a lot of scenery, or big family or group gatherings, a wide angle can be nice to have. If you do sports, or wildlife, a telephoto is a must. I don't know why, but I've always had a fascination with telephoto lenses. I have a 28-80, a 135 and a 80-300, which honestly, I don't use much.
As for filters, a polarizer is always good for outdoors. Make sure you get a circular polarizer if your camera is autofocus. If you get a normal parallel one, it'll confuse the autofocusing system.
Hope this helps.


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