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Jun 16, 2010
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can you guys give me a good run down of focusing to infinity i searched google and on there and i am just not satisfied with what i found

what i am using is a nikon d 3000 with a 18-55 lens and a 55-200 lens
Set your camera to manual focus and turn the focusing ring on the lens until the white line is set against the infinity marker (the sideways '8')
can you explain what the focusing on infinity really does?
does it just focus on everything?
Option #2: Manually set your focal distance beyond half-way. With AF on, focus on something several hundred feet / meters in the distance. Focus locked? Look at your focal distance window on the lens now. What does it show? Same difference.
now would you use this same thing for taking lightining pictures ( that where this all started form) and for taking star pcitures?
For nighttime shots, John's method is the one to use. I tend to back off infinity ever so slightly though. Use the sharpest aperture for your lens, usually in the f/8 range.
The problem with this is that the Nikon 18-55 has no distance markers at all. I don't know about the 55-200. Hell, even my 35 only has distance, not DoF indicators.
I dont have my camera with me so i cant really look at this right now but where would i see the inifity sign inside the view finder or on the outside of the lens?
The kit lenses don't have the focusing window in them. Part of being the less expensive lenses. I asked this question a while ago.

To find infinity, from behind your camera, turn the focusing ring all the way clockwise (at least I believe it's clockwise, try manually focusing on something close, then far away and just note which direction you have to turn the ring - then that's the direction you have to turn it) then back it off just a tiny bit from there. That should put you really close to infinity.
They don't have focusing markers on them???? *Shakes head in amazement* Wow, okay, in that case, go with Kundalini's method.


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