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Apr 29, 2010
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Pensacola, FL
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Someone would like me to photograph their homemade soaps for their business webpage, so before I said OK I wanted to see if I could make a light box. Now I only had ONE lamp on ONE side, I'm going to walmart tomorrow to get another 5 dollar desk lamp.

Standard photo of crayons (and yes, I know the box should be flipped over the other way)


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I'd say with the second lamp you'll be in business. Good job! How about a photo of the setup?
Ya, these came out nice! Post a pic of what you made.
Looks really good. I made one of these lightboxes from an old monitor box and some white sheets. Still waiting for a second strobe or lamp myself to get it working the way I want. I'll post a picture of mine when I get a chance also.
Do you have a shot of your setup?

Focus is off in #1. The foremost crayon is severly OOF.

#2 & 3. Your lighting is a bit harsh and have hot spots. This can be corrected by flagging and diffusing your lights and possibly repositioning them to a more advatageous position.

You want the item well lighted while still retaining detail. I am currently going through three clients for product photography and can empathize with you. It's a tough game to get the lighting right.

Soaps should be an easier task since it is not a reflective surface. Have you considered a graduated background sweep?

Looks like you did a good job to me!! Please tell me how you did it! I'd love to make one!

EDIT: I see the pic! This looks extremely doable! Cut the sides and top out of the box and replace with paper? Trashbags? Then just a piece of posterboard on the inside??
Yea, I only had ONE light, so I knew there would be dark/light spots. I think I need 3 though, one on each side and another over?
old box from garage, tissue paper, the kind that you use to wrap gifts and a sheet of
Walmart has the desk lamps on sale for back to school deal for 5 dollars
Have you considered a graduated background sweep?

what is that?
no the stuff on the side is tissue paper used to stuff gift bags! do NOT use trashbags! I have a 60 watt light bulb in that lamp, if I had two, I could probably do 40 watts in each...

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