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Oct 16, 2011
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Good day ! I can't believe it's been this long since I've been on. About 2 months back I sent my d700 in for repair for the on/off switch assembly to be repaired. I got it back with the pop up flash not working and damaged pins in the card reader. Anyhow, Sent it back in, they repaired it at no extra cost, and all works great .... With the exception of my grip. At first, the aperture wheel, shutter speed wheel and multi selector didn't work in addition to the AF on and shutter release. The camera did show that the battery pack was connected. I cleaned to contacts with a q tip and rubbing alcohol and put it back on. Now, the only thing that doesn't work on the grip is the af - on button and the shutter release. Has anyone had these issues ? I really don't want to send the camera back in for a 3rd time but something tells me I may have to. The cameras firmware is up to date as well. I've also done a reset to the camera. Any help is appreciated.

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Update - scheduled to go back to the shop

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