More of the Clouds from the mid-west.


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Oct 30, 2006
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in the eye of a tornado
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I'm redo a lot of the shots that I have shot over the years because I'm thinking about actually printing and selling some of these shots. So here's another shot from 2007 redone using the knowledge that I have now about PS.

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well....except, maybe for the road signs........:er:
Amazingly dramatic sky -- awesome job. I didn't notice the roadsigns until Larry mentioned them... if you are hoping to print and sell this photo, you definitely want it to be at a LARGE size to really show off the sky! So cloning out the roadsigns might be a good idea in that case.
I agree about the roadsigns. I noticed them right away actually. I was also wondering about the slanted horizon, but then realized that the left is actually elevated due to road. Very very nice Btw :D .
am i blind or did you remove the signs.... i cant find them haha ><

Very nice shot btw!
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