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Sep 13, 2010
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I was on my way to rehearsal today and I passed one of the offices only to do a double take and rush to get my camera. I thought it was fun and the photo turned out ok so I thought I would see what you think.

Nikon D300 - 24-70 f/2.8
adjustments in Lightroom3

Untitled_HDR2 by Nadia & Casey Photography, on Flickr
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I like it. A very nice portrait of this guy. Nice use of the space in composition, with the right angles and straight lines and perspectives everywhere accenting the fluid dynamic of his human form in such a relaxed, natural posture.

Very nice use of HDR too - subtle enough not to notice, and it brings the background and subject both to life in the tonal range. I dig the natural rim light on the man also.

B&W was a good choice for this. I could stand for him to be just a tad brighter, perhaps via a bit of light dodging, but very nice as is too.
Thank you so much Buckster. Thanks for the comment on the HDR as well. i am just experimenting now with it but I liked how this one turned out. cheers :thumbup:
Just out of curiosity: Why did you bracket the aperture for this instead of the exposure time?

Wouldn't the bracketing of the aperture in a wide angle scenario deliver different depth of field and make it less sharp overall?

Maybe someone can shed some light on this one.
the info at the top is actually not correct. This was a single shot as I only had a few seconds to capture and getting my boss to hold still for more then a half of a second is next to impossible. I made 2 copies of a single shot and raised the exposure in one of them to the equivalent of 1 f/stop and lowered the 3rd shot to 1 f/stop down. Then I merged them back together to make an HDR. Now that I have experimented with this a bit more I have found that 9 out of 10 times this strategy doesn't really do much but in this situation it added just a bit more. since it was done with software it wouldn't affect the depth of filed at all. Sorry about the misleading info.

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