My brain is malfunctioning..... D7100 buffer problem.


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Mar 8, 2011
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OK, I give up.

I've had my D7100 for well over a year, and now suddenly I only have a 4-frame buffer. I know it has a 7-frame buffer, but I'll be buggered if I can find out why mine is at 4.

I have the following turned off:
Auto Distortion
High ISO noise reduction
Active D-Lighting
Long exposure noise reduction

So what one setting am I missing that makes a 3-frame diff in the buffer?

12-bit NEF, BTW.
Have you tried banging it against a wall and then shaking it to see if there are a few stuck files in it?

Is it 7 frames for compressed .nef perhaps?
Compressed or uncompressed..... makes no difference. Going to 14-bit drops it to 3
Maybe its like subscription software, they only let you have 7 if you keep paying other wise it drops to 4. Really, you mentioned all the items I was thinking of checking to see their off. Is it actually giving you 4 or is it showing r4 when pushing the shutter button.
Shows r04 when shutter is pressed.
This happens to all old technology when something new comes out
The d500 came out
thus the secret builtin wifi connected to and download a new feature which is used to try and get you to upgrade to the D500.

I came to this conclusion when Apple iphones had problems during releases of new phones for several weeks. Thus making it more likely people would upgrade.


Maybe you just need to do what John recommended ...
I haven't updated the firmware, so Nikon couldn't have changed anything.
Tried a better SD card?

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SD Card Problem maybe but I assume you tried that or a reset.
SD card does not affect maximum buffer.
SD card does not affect maximum buffer.
I wasn't sure, I hear word buffer and I think storage. It's the computer guy in me. Have you tried resetting to default settings?

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Dang I never tried the buffer on my D3300 until now.I got 7 raw at 5 FPS before the buffer slows.I Can't wait for my D500 to come In.
Buffer size and bursts are two different things.

Without having taken one single image, I should have r07 displayed.
Umm I know this.was just saying.
Any idea how the memory is actually "put together"? Could you have something like akin to a corrupt sector?

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