My first flash shoot, 500 exposures and only 1 I want to keep


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Jul 10, 2009
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Brighton, UK
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There was a shot I was dying to take but the equipment was too powerful for the fstop I wanted (should've brought a speedlight along!)
So I messed around with the grid lighting instead, what do you think?

Nice shot, mysteriously attractive young lady. I like the photo in general the shadow to lightin ratio is kind of a little too high for my liking. Just IMO it's an okay pose I would have gone a little different use the chair a bit more, need a little bit more expression on her face though.

keep at it looking forward to seeing more.
I don't care for the tilt, but I just hate tilt in general. Pretty girl, and a good photo.
I wasn't really going for a specific expression as I was concentrating that I didn't destroy any of the expensive equipment! Unfortunately there wasn't much more to the set to play with, there was a huge chest of drawers to the left of the photo that was fixed to the floor, and cast a horrible shadow if I moved further back so I was pretty much fixed to that position. When you mean shadow to light, do you mean in post?
Were you trying to focus on her knee? It looks like the knee is in focus and you have such a shallow aperture that you lose focus on her face.

Also, what were the camera settings and what flash were you using?
I think he didn't mean to focus on her knee but thats what got focused by the camera. I've had that problem often till I learned to change focul point through camera.

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