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Dec 18, 2007
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...a squirrel! Taken this morning with Canon XTi with 18-55mm lens.

This camera is my Christmas gift for myself and I know I need to learn a lot of stuff. C&C are more than welcome.

I have more pictures here -

But anyway, here goes.. (There is a glass door between the camera and the chipmunk)



That's a squirrel. It is cute though.

Thank you!!! Funny thing is, I even asked my bf what its called and he told me chipmunk.. But something ain't right with "chipmunk". LMAO. I am losing it, I totally forgot that they're called squirrel. LMAO. Geez.
not bad for being through glass.

your depth of feild is shallow. i like it. it isolated your subject. good use of DOF!

your subject (squirrle) is centered in the frames. Im not to big on centered subjects. maybe portraits but thats one of the few exception IMO!!!.. others will argue.

but theres somting called Rule of Thirds. Very easy concept. Just remmeber it and you most likely will slowly see an improvement.

What rule of thirds is...

simply imagine two lines dividing your image vertically, into 3 columns.

Again, imagine two lines dividing your image horizontally, into 3 colums.

somthing like this

With that you want to try and find your most appealing points in your picture in the inner corners of the outside boxes.

then, use the lines to guide other parts of the image.

for ex. a horizon with a mtn and lake with a log in the lake.

the mtn youll want probably to show and then maybe some lake and the log to add some character.

Heres what i would do.

I would have the top horizon of the mtn range about that first imaginary line in my viewfinder. then the lake fills in the rest.

but what about the log?

thats gonna act as my subject, so ill try to put that on the bottom line..or one of the likes to the left or right... at one of the inner points

thats a rough idea.

if you want more on it just google it, youll find alot of information on it.
Very inquisitive squirrel!

The focus is ALMOST right. It seems to me that the focus is always on the tail, not the eyes. Next time, focus on the eyes first.

Great start =)
I think he was cold and, asking to come in truthfully. Nice shots. Did you toss them a cookie as pay afterwards?
I like number three the best. It'd be even better with a crop to sort of set it in the rule of thirds composition as someone posted in length about above. The important thing is to take critique in good nature (I'm sure you will :]) and just keep shooting! Off to a good start. Oh, and post on here a lot, and read other threads, there is A LOT of great information on here from a lot of great photographers (myself not included ;p). See you around and welcome to the forums.
this is just an object lesson for the class.




Thanks everyone! I know I will be on this forum everyday. Heheh... Everybody is awesome!

Very funny dpolston. LOL. I am really laughing at myself now. LMAO.

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