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My fisrt paid photoshoot (with strangers)!

Emanuel M

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Mar 19, 2015
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Today I've done two paid photoshoots ;)
Not bad!
Friends of friends, that saw my last pics at the mountain, wanted to do something similar.
My wife/assistant took care of the booking and today there I was all happy :p

This tea idea, came from my wife - she wanted to see the steam going out the cups.
I think it resulted well. It gives a cozy look feel and look to the picture.


After a while we were already friends and even my wife participated in the photoshoot!

I am still editing the rest of the photos.
All the sun backlit photos were taken with flash (I am really enjoying my new SB-700).
I think it went well for the first session and even made them a special price, for being my first clients
I enjoyed the experience and I have two more scheduled jobs.

I hope they like the results.

Cheers ;)
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Nice use of fill flash here. I can't say I'm a huge fan of the tea concept, to me this is like the trunk or arm chair in the middle of the field... WHY is it there? Overall, a good solid set. Nicely done.
Eh eh.
It was my wife's idea. I think she saw it in some fashion blog or something :)
It was a good relaxing moment tho and it served to relax the mother and daughter, that were a little shy at first.
Thanks for the feed :)

Very nice shoot, definitely worth being paid for :) For me the tea photo is a little too contrasty though, maybe a bit of flare like in the first photo could soften it up a bit. The leaves falling are a bit bunched together also but I think you could maybe do something about that in photoshop. And congrats on your first paid shoot :)
Thanks mate ;)
I have all sorts of variations of the photos.
I have with and without leaves.
Also have this one with flare.


But it's too purple ;)

Here are some more...

On the "tea session" I have some more interesting photos.

They look more natural, but they still prefer this one...

These show more afection, and tha's important for this kind of photography.

This is the same one as on the original post, but with no leaves.

A pic of the mother by herself.

This last one it's not perfectly sharp, but for a small print I can use it.



EDIT: First post edited with corrected pics.
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These are great, the label on the scarf does bother me a little in #1 and #3. Very nit picky from a non people photographer...
Good eye sir ;)
I can remove them easily in Photoshop :p

I like these. I'm sure they got their money's worth. :)

My only problem with the steamy cups is I see the Swiss can't make tea any more than the average American can. Strings and tags dangling out of the cup will make any proper tea connoisseur (Englishman) wince every time. ;) :allteeth::biglaugh::laughing: (Just kidding.)
I know right?
I told them to use only hot water to give the effect.
But they said it wasn't a problem.
Next time I won't allow it to happen. I'll show them who's the boss :p


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