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my little girl


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Aug 2, 2013
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any critique welcome if positive in its direction!:wink:
I can't see the picture. It has a photobucket message that says, "Look who's popular. Is this your photo? Upgrade to Plus for additional bandwidth."
Clicking on the Photobucket symbol will take you to the image. I had a quick look. Not sure that I see anything that can really be critiqued. It appears to be a slightly under-exposed snapshot of a toddler on a trampoline with a very messy and distracting background. The sepia-esque conversion does nothing to enhance the image, nor does the centered composition. I can appreciate how, as a parent this might be a keepsake of an important memory, but as a photograph displayed to viewers who don't know you or your family, I'm afraid it falls rather short.

Consider trying again, leaving the image in colour, and finding a nice, clean background (hedge, blank wall), have the child look toward the camera and smile, and have her offset from the middle slightly.

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