My wife wanted a color splash shot. Plus, Gotta love the Golden Hour. CC if you want

I love this photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Very nice job! That vintage looking cam gives it a nice touch. ;)
Thanks. I have an old Instamatic that I bought at a yardsale a few weeks ago for a quarter. She wanted a color splash photo and I made her use the Instamatic in it so I could put it in the scavenger hunt thread haha.
This looks and feels like a great photo for vintage Kodak. Very cool.
Nice shot, but she is holding the camera as she would a digital with an lcd display instead of holding the viewfinder up to her eye like she would if she were truly using the camera. Nor is her finger on the shutter button.
The shutter button on that camera is where her right finger is.
Thanks guys. I appreciate all the nice words, and the critiquing too.
I love this photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Derrel, did you get hacked?

Haha, you trying to say something there? :er:

While selective coloring doesn't float my boat in most instances (this one included.) I don't feel like it adds anything to the photo.

Why should your wife be in black and white? Are you trying to showcase her and the old camera? Or were you trying to draw attention to the trees around her? I find myself wanting to look at your wife (not sexually, of course) but the surroundings are just too in your face. I think the photo may have had more effect if SHE was in color, and the surroundings were in black and white. Especially if she uses primarily black and white film.

As for asking Derrel if he got hacked; his post just didn't seem characteristic... Lets just say that.

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