Need a good mini-tripod...I think


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Jan 14, 2007
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Birmingham, AL, USA
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I'm heading to New York for a week next summer and would like to have a small tripod to tote along. I went to Italy last summer and did not take my tripod because I didn't want to lug it around and I greatly regret it.

I have a decent tripod that extends to about 6 feet, but I would like to take something a little more easily carried. I've looked at the ultra pod and the gorilla pod. Are either of these two worth the money?

I got a good monopod for X-mas and I thought I'd carry it around and use the small tripod in cases where I want to do a prolonged exposure....or would it be best just to ditch the monopod and take my tripod?

*EDIT: Oh yeah...look at my list of equipment below. The heaviest lens is the Sigma I'd like something stroung enough to hold that.
Personally i do not see the point in those table top tripods. Save your money and buy a bogen manfrotto tripod.
I think the purpose of the table-top things is easy portability. In Italy a table top tripod and/or beanbag would have been sufficient as there were garbage cans everywhere to use. The trip to New York is just a vacation with my wife...not a photo shoot. I don't really want to carry around a camera bag & a full size tripod, but I do want something that can steady my camera if I find somewhere I want to use a half-second shutter speed or slower.

I got a manfrotto monopod for X-mas. Maybe for my b'day I can get a good tripod as well.
just take your 18-200 and handhold if it isn;t a 'photo trip'. You can sit yoru camera on something and use a lens cap top prop up the front if you feel the need........ Just take a break and go do your thing, and your camera is there if you want to do some snapshots without making it into a big production...........
I have an UltraPod, it's always in my camera bag. To be honest, it doesn't get a whole lot of use because I just find a way to lean on something or hold the camera against something solid. However, when I need to use a tripod or if I want to be in the shot, it does come in handy. The biggest advantage is that it folds down to a small size, so it's easy to have with you.

The Gorilla Pod may be more versatile but takes up more room.

You could also look at something like a bean bag, just something to prop the camera into position when you set it on something.

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