Need Help With Buying Decisions. First dSLR!


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Oct 5, 2010
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Mililani, Hawaii
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Hey guys, I'm fairly new to photography (3 months), and all I have right now is a Nikon Coolpix L100.

I want a dSLR.

Yes, I know just an dSLR wont make pictures better, but at least I can control more stuff, :mrgreen:.

I'm kinda going between Canon and Nikon, since I've heard they make the best lenses. I've also read more the lens than the body, but then since both Canon and Nikon are #1 in lens making and I probably wont buy another lens (besides the kit lens) till later, might as well compare bodies. When I pick this first body, I'm probably sticking with the brand hahahah.

So, heres my list:

1. Canon Side: T2i (My first choice). Maybe T1i?
2. Nikon Side: D90 or D3100.
3. Do you think I should look at other companies too?

Basically $900 and below is my budget.

Help please! Oh, and I'm look at video too!

Welcome aboard.

There are other good camera companies...but I'd stick with Canon or Nikon, if I were you.

You can't really go wrong, all the models are pretty good.
I had the same budget as you. I ended up going with the Canon T1i (just the body) and then bought a used lens (Canon 17-85mm). I was really considering the T2i, but realized that the T1i would leave me more money for the goodies. I also convinced myself that there was no need for me to spend the extra money on a nicer camera until I "max out" the cheaper ones.
Well I'm sort of opposite from Greasy...I think if you go with Canon you should go with the T2i. Saying you won't need to upgrade the body until you "max out" this one means you see yourself maxing it out at some point in the future...which might not be true. If you don't want to make this a *severe* hobby or career then the T2i could serve you for *years* to come. Then, it's a much better investment since you can spend some of that money you saved on glass.

The same goes for Nikon though, if you choose to go that route. Just go with the best camera+lens combo for the price you can afford...but I'd get a kit if you can. Get a good body that you can stick with for awhile. The D90 is loved by many starting photographers, but I've heard a lot of good things about the D3100. Then it even out yet? Might want to wait for a review before buying something that costs $800+
Pentax makes great DSLR's and amazing lens's... Think outside the Canikon box :)

You can get a good secondhand K10d for pretty cheap now :) I have heard good things about the K-7 but thats about $1000.
Thanks guys for the comments! But im probably going for the t2i, because of its adaptability. It can actually use nikon and pentax lenses with adapters...awesomeness! But i still have to feel it and see it it fits ;D

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