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Need your help


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Dec 5, 2015
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Hey peeps...New to the forum here... I have been doing photography ad a hobby for 2 years now...I mainly shoot during sunrise and sunset...now I am getting into night photography as well. I shoot mainly nature landscape etc...I have a D5100 and am looking to step up my camera.

I am currently looking at a D7200
What do you guys think about the camera?
Good for what do?
Also should I just dish the extra thousand and go to the D750?

Look at my instagram if you can to see my work to see what would best fit me. @johnymat84

Thanks in advance
The 7200 is a DX format, the 750 is FX. You're talking two totally different animals.
I know...one is full frame and the other is cropped censor... That's why I am kind of confused on which one would be best...because in low light conditions they seem pretty good and the D750 has a higher I so but it will also switch it to black and white on the high end...
If you're shooting DX now, what is it you need FX to do?
I just don't know if I should upgrade to a full frame since I am not planning on buying a new camera for a few years...I don't want to buy a camera for the wrong reasons...that's why I am asking you guys for a little help Also on the other hand I am looking for a good camera all around better than the one I have...
If you move to FX, will you need to get new glass as well?
Yeah I know...that's why I waited to get more experienced in photography...I have been using budget lens and now that I feel like I know a little more? (So I think) I wanted to make the move now if It's better ....rather than buy new lens for a dx and wishing that I started the collection with the fx ...and have to start all over again with all new lenses
D7200 = Awesome, i like the extra reach of a crop sensor for wild life, sure full frame has a DX mode too but you loose megapixels when you use DX mode on the D750 so the D7200 seems like a very good choice for what i do.

D750 = even more awesome, seems to be killer in low light which is the huge turn on about that camera for me.

you mention buying a DX lens, you know you can use FX lenses on a DX camera. so if you want new lenses you can always get FX lenses for your D5200 and if you ever decided to move to a FX camera well you have the lenses for it.

i have seen top notch photos come out of a lower end DX camera body with a good lens on it. lenses and knowing how to use the camera are probably more important than having the best body out there.
Yep. One path to FX is to line the road with buying FX glass today, and generate a well-rounded suite of glass. Then, you can sell your DX glass to help fund your FX body.
Thanks Danny I didn't know I could use fx on the dx... I still got a lot to learn...so I appreciate the input... For now I'm still learning on which I struggle most and that is which fstop to use for best results...sure I know about depth of field and stuff but there is a lit more to it... They both seem very good cameras and I want to get out of the D5100 and get a bit more pixels and something a bit better of a camera but I agree with you...New good lens and knowing how to use them is what creates the shot
It's like 550 to 600 more, not a thousand.
Completely different cameras tho...
One Dx, other Fx.
"If you don't know if you need an Fx (or even what it is), you don't need it" - go for the D7200.
Take in mind that lenses are the best part of the camera (after the photographer ofc) - You might save a lot of money on great Dx lenses.

your welcome

f stop = depth of field and how much light gets in to the camera. each lens will have a sweet spot where it will be the sharped at a specific f stop. personally i like shooting with a low f stop number if the lens still give me good results,

if your using a really slow shutter speed which lets lots of light in you may need to use a high F stop number (small aperture) or too much light will get in.

if your not getting enough light in the camera you may need a low f stop number (wide aperture). a lens like a 1.8 is great for low light shooting but it can be hard to use a 1.8 since the depth of field is so shallow. especially if your close to what your shooting. shoot at stuff that is farther away and usually most stuff will still be in foucs.

that is how i look at f stop, hope that helps some.

more MP is really only going to be helpful if you need to blow up the photo really big. or you crop a image allot and still want to make a descent size print with it.
The crop sensor of nikon dx cameras get you 1,5x closer to the subject.
For example - a 100mm lens on fx is 100mm, on DX it's a 150mm...
NO.....just NO
...'spain with your visual/multimedia,Sparky,please.....it helped me get my head wrapped around that.

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