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Mar 30, 2013
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What can/could I do better? Could obviously refers to the shooting itself, can means - how can I make it better in Photoshop? I've removed some dust, bra tan lines and did some cropping. Also tried to correct the colors, but not sure I did such a great job here. Any other suggestions?


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Personally I'd crop it tighter. That expanse of blue sky with the horizon close to the center of the image detract from the overall composition in my opinion. I guess that depends on whether the subject is the desert itself or the woman though.

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I'm not digging the pink fedora.
Composition is fairly good, but for me the biggest problem is the hat.

The style of the hat is neither feminine nor appropriate for the setting.

The color of the hat clashes with the blue cloth.

Secondarily, the model's pose could use some refinement. She appears to be somewhat modest, in spite of the fact that there is nobody to oggle her. A more relaxed pose with her arms at her sides would help considerably.
I'd like to see the shadows on her left side lightened a bit, but other than that, I like it. I know I shouldn't like the hat, but oddly enough, it doesn't bother me at all.
I agree, too late now but ditch the hat. I like the edited crops also. Cool idea. :)
I agree with the pose statement. She needs her arms at her sides because it kinda looks like she has no arms. I would also ditch the hat and go for a hair blowing in the wind kind of thing.
I can deal with the no arms thing, it implies classic greek art in a way, adds a surreal element in another, and emphasizes her back, which is really the subject anyway. Arms at side would just cheapen it, more like a pinup - the hat though was definitely a bad choice.
Thanks for all the comments. I tend to agree that tighter crop and warmer colors would benefit the picture and will try to do this. Not much to do about the hat now :)

As for her arms... I don't know. I do have a few shots with her arms visible (and can post for comparison), but at least to me this one looks better.
sooo... i don't know about all those technical things and stuff but i did some editing of my own xD this is what i came up with, and i kind of like it xD... now i am not a pro or anything, but i am just you know, sharing my oppinion:

You have a great location and model, did you try to shoot it a bit later on in the day?
But otherwise same as others I would ditch the hat.
Beautiful model. Let the hair fly!

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