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Jan 13, 2013
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I agree with Leonore and she seems to know her stuff. I did start sending out as what's left in my area (that isn't a drug store or discount store, those in my area have never been too good) isn't that close to where I live and they send out to their lab in another city anyway.

I haven't tried Dwayne's yet (and Leonore they developed the last of the Kodachrome, if you search you might find articles about it; unless something changed, they had the last machine in existance to develop it and did the last roll.) I've used The Darkroom (in San Clemente), they do dip and dunk and process odd sizes; Blue Moon is supposed to be good - seems like many places have choices about getting film developed, scanned, prints, whatever you need done.

You might enjoy Film Photography Project | An Internet Radio Show & On-Line Resource for Film Shooters Worldwide , you could try asking any questions you have on their Flickr discussion group.


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Jan 26, 2007
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Yep, try another roll and see what that gives you.

BTW, the hardest thing about developing your own film is the fear of doing it yourself.

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Jun 9, 2013
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And you've had good results with the canon 8800? do you have any samples of pics you've scanned with it? If I could save $3-4 a roll simply scanning myself (mine would be mostly web), over time it'd save me a lot of dough.

I've had good enough results from the 8800 that I have no complaints about it. I've printed from Adorama up to 11x14 from 35mm scans that weren't even scanned at full resolution, so I think it's a competent machine.

Here are a few of my latest scans. And this really isn't a plug for my blog, but if you click on the link under my name, you'll see more pictures. I'm doing a 365 project (a photo a day for one year) and I have to resort to digital shots sometimes, but it's mostly film.

Here's some color: (all are scanned at...I want to say 1200? Not the highest setting, anyway.)

$Day 213 - A brief flirtation.jpg

$Day 210 - Reeds and Piran.jpg

$Day 212 - Boat and rattail.jpg

And some b&w:

$Day 214 - Bagpipes.jpg
$Day 214 - Fire.jpg
$Day 219 - B&W Ljubljana at night.jpg


  • $Day 218 - Two boats.jpg
    $Day 218 - Two boats.jpg
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  • $Day 219 - Color Ljubljana at night.jpg
    $Day 219 - Color Ljubljana at night.jpg
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