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Sep 12, 2015
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Hello everyone

Recently ours old camera (Olympus 600uz) got its last days and the repair costed to much and me and my dad need a new camera. Im myself into pretty much everything and dont botther the subject... (im trying to get into dslr or some mirrorless cameras...
My dad is ussualy into nature photography and mountins etc, travel and some basic things.

We been looking into some cameras and thats what we found related to our budget:
Sony alpha a5000
Olympus pen pl-6
Panasonic Dmc Tz-60
Nikon S9700
Nikon S9900
Nikor d3200
Sony dsc wx500
Sony dsc hx60
Canon poweshot s120
Sony Dsx rx100
Sony dsx hx50

Thanks for all the help
I'd narrow to a5000, d3200 and epl6 out of that list. If a viewfinder is a must then that eliminates 2 straight away.

Read few reviews on these, paying attention to autofocus ability and image quality and see how you get on. Someone else may chime in and advise others on the list.
Easy Nikon D3200 hands down!!!

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