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Jan 11, 2006
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Well, I finally got me a camera. Up til now, I've just been using friends' cameras lol. It's a Canon S5 IS, i really like it. I got me some Duracell rechargable batteries and an Ultra II 2gb SD card. No complaints with the camera so far, except maybe the graininess on some pics, but I really like it. Well, here are a few of the pics I've taken since I got it. c/c welcome.














i like #1 the's just too bad the sky is so blown out
yea i know it, it was all white anyways b/c it was all clouded up from the snowyness lol.

im hoping somebody can critique some of my shots and tell me why they suck so i can do something differently next time lol. i took tons of pics, and these are some of the ones i thought came out better.

i don't think any of your pictures SUCK. some are more interesting than others and that's a very subjective thing.

in the last photo, you focused on the body, and not the face and so the head is out of focus. always focus on the eyes if you can.

the doggy pictures are nice. and i like the coloring in the first 3 dog pics...very warm and inviting
I like the first dog pic the best, #10 I believe. Very vivid and you captured the dog in it's essence.
thanks for the comments. i probly took 100 pics of that dog lol. to be honest, that first pic of the dog was the actual first pic i took with this camera, turned out surprisingly well imo. i've got quite a few of him attacking that bone, messing with different settings. and that lizard would not sit still lol, it was hard to get focused right.
suggestion: please number your pics so they're easy to reference in people's comments.

for #1, it is a nice shot. If it had been with an SLR, my recommendation would have been to use a graduated ND filter, which would have allowed you to expose properly for the building while blocking out more light from the sky, but I don't know anything about S5 IS, so I'm not sure if it takes lens filters or not.

pic #4 - I would have tried a different angle; the light post is distracting. otherwise an interesting shot.

#5 - the screen that you're behind ruins this shot.

The shots of the dogs are nice, you can really see the detail well.

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