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Jul 11, 2003
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Wichita Kansas
Im new here as well as being new to photography.

My main hobby is keeping and breeding Columbian Boa Constrictors. I have recently started taking pictures of them, and came across this forum hoping to better my skills.

...welcome to the forum!

Photographing snakes sounds like fun and i (for one) look forward to the results as you learn

Once mastered - maybe you could write a tutorial for us and post it in the "How To" forum



here is a link to some of my photos I posted in the photo gallery. I am truly a beginner so please, please be gentle.

Seriously though... I would greatly appreciate any and all advice you have to offer. I have always thought about getting more into photographer, but I just never took the time to learn.
welcome k! seeing as how i cry like a little girl at the sight of anything without shoulders...i too will avoid you like the plague!!! just kidding, welcome aboard!

Wow! Has it really been over 2 years since I been here... Im such a terrible member.

I have been so busy building up my snake website that I really havent had a chance to enjoy photography the way I would like. I guess the good thing is now my snake site is in the top 5 largest boa websites in the world, but now I need to get back to a hobby I enjoyed as a teenager (some 15 odd years ago).

Im looking at upgrading to the d50 model.. Was looking at the rebel XT, but it may be just a little small for my hands. Going to look at them side by side tomorrow to make a final decision.

Anyway.. Im glad to be back, and I hope to be around alot more now.

Oh... And dont worry... I wont be posting pictures of only snakes anymore. Although Im sure there will be some.
Funny to be saying "Welcome" to a member who has been on here almost from the start ... well, definitively for longer than I have, but what the ... you know: nice to see you! You will by now have the odd Boa photo for us to see, won't you? There are a couple more snake lovers on board (and owners, too), so they might really be interested! C'mon, grab that camera of yours and start photographing Boas :) Let's see your beauties!
Welcome aboard ksshane. Your screen name almost sounds like a ship's name. Glad ou could sail on in.

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