new hair and a new self portrait!

Looks nice. On self portraits it's tough, but keep an eye out for errant straps. Might be a touch too bright blowing highlights in your teeth. At least you can get the model to return for a reshoot. :sexywink:
Ooh! I love the O.D. top! On you it looks terrific!
I wish we could see just a hint of the missing arm. I like the new hairstyle--looks fabulous!
OD - Olive Drab

Really? How do you know that? I'm impressed......or concerned. :raisedbrow:

Anyway, the pic looks great. I like the new hair style - fits you well. I second Derrel's missing arm comment though.

lol I wondered too!!

And olive drab I've heard tons just like coyote brown but never referred to as o.d lol
I like this shot a lot; and think your new hairdo looks awesome on you!
Think it's great that you did this. :)
I'd like to see some close up portraits. your eyes have me fixated. even in a pic like this where they are so minute, they're still captivating.
It looks good. I think the background is full blown white. Perhaps a slight darker or mid gray background, or you can use Photoshop to darken it.

its not quite totally blown out, but I actually did lighten it funny enough.. I did so to try to make the shadow from my arm less noticeable on the backdrop. lol I was editing just in lightroom.
I used to wear my faded jeans, now I'm in these Army greens! Oh mom, I wanna go home!

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