New Point and Shoot advice,please?


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Jun 16, 2013
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I'm looking for a new point and shoot to carry around with me, and I've already decided I want it to be a Canon. I have a Nikon DSLR, a Samsung point and shoot and want to explore Canon cameras a bit. I'm looking for what I guess is considered a compact? Smallish like a point and shoot, but powerful like a DSLR. Any suggestions? I am more than willing to buy used, so don't feel obligated to suggest newer models. And honestly, I'm looking for something under $200, if possible. I know that probably eliminates a lot, but again, this is just going to be something I can carry everywhere. Thank you for your help and suggestions! :D
Try something like a used G10/11; should be able to find one of those reasonably inexpensively and they're pretty powerful cameras.
Thanks for the suggestions! I've done a quick little research, and think I may like the G10 more than the G11, but I still have quite a bit of researching to do!
I have the sx40 its a pretty good. It also has a good zoom.
If you want a DSLR like point and shoot made by Canon then the Canon G family camera is what you want.

I used to own the Canon G10 and now I own the Canon G15.

My advise to you is Stay Away from the G10!!!
The G10 is a fantastic camera as long as there is good lighting condition, once the light gets dark the pictures get very grainy.
I heard they improved this a lot with the G11. The AF of the G10 is also very slow.
I can tell you the G15 is a world of difference from the G10, I am glad I don't own the G10 anymore, it was not a successful camera and Canon got the G11 much faster then expected due to the unimpressive low light pictures.
If I had to choose between the G10 and G11 I would go with the G11.
If you can go for the G12 or even G15 I highly recommend one of these two.
Ohhh, thanks for the review goodguy! What about the G9, is that falling way too far behind?
Ohhh, thanks for the review goodguy! What about the G9, is that falling way too far behind?
From what I read in a review comparing the G9 to the G10 the G10 was consider the better camera which doesn't leave me very excited about the G9.
I would stay away from any G bellow the G11

As I said the G10 was a good camera as long as the lighting condition were good, but then so is my cell phone.
I just bought, and quickly returned a Canon SX50. Terrible image quality
If you're looking for a really compact P&S then you can try used Canon S90/95. Just bought mine for about $173 USD. Amazing camera. But it's downsides are questionable ergonomics and not-so-good battery life.
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