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Jul 24, 2011
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1) I would have liked to have moved the light but baby started pooing before I had chance and I only managed to get 2 shots before there was too much mess to use any of the images


3) I was photographing a 60th Birthday and they asked me to do a couple of photo's of their first grandson, I did the best I could with a cushion and a blanket and no suitable lighting...


Any C&C would be much appreciated. I know I still have a long way to go!

Merci beaucoup!
Your babies seem very pink in 2 and 4.
You need to double process 1 for the green that is throwing onto baby's face.
It seems like you have softened the skin, but sharpened the hell out of the lines and wrinkles. Probably only showing at web size, but make sure before you print it's not looking funky.
3 is great for what you didn't have to work with. I am not feeling the love on the coloring of it at all. It looks like a combination between dead and pink.

You did a beautiful job!!
Well, I think the composition is awesome, very well done. As stated prior, it is a little pink looking but that can be corrected in PH. I like them very much though. Very lovely work
Love these images. The watermark is a little large.
The watermark is there purely for the purpose of facebook/advertising. :)

Thank you for your comments, I have a newborn photoshoot on Monday. I'll work on the pinkness. I'm concious of not making the babies look dead but have gone too far the other way :)
Lovely watermark. What's with the baby?:lol:

I do like them though. I like the pose on #3. Kinda like a minature "the thinker".
The photographs are beautiful and more if you say you did not have adequate lighting
pardon my language
This is what I said!!! Professional! Good job
Well I hate newborn photography but these seem to be well lit and I hate to say it but I love the green thing. :lol:

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